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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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syria gears up for a day of prayers and protests as washington promises to punish the government for human rights abuses fueling fears it's planning a repeat of libya. and italy and france battle it out over an immigration influx sparked by the north african unrest but as some of the e.u. countries tighten their borders there's concerns that will jeopardize free movement across the continent. as for enticing the young into the countryside artie's close of team travels to the rural side of the volgograd region where locals are pulling out all the stops to get the new generation it into out of the city and into the field.
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to pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story syria's government is taking steps to stop anti-rejection protests as people pour into the streets across the country after friday prayers damascus has ordered troops not to fire on the opposition after dozens of civilians were reportedly killed by snipers earlier in the week activists on the ground put the death toll from the two month long uprising at eight hundred the international community has strongly criticized the syrian government for the brutal crackdown washington is even preparing to examine whether the eleven year rule of president bashar al assad is lawful as artie's got a sticky on reports many believe the u.s. may be laying the foundation for more drastic action against the regime. who easily jeered him an international leader and who is not it seems america will decide
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a white house source said the obama administration is edging closer to the clearing assad's ruling syria illegitimate and that it would be just the first step. we will continue to work with our international partners in the e.u. and elsewhere on additional steps to hold syria responsible for its gross human rights abuses sounds familiar united states is helping to lead an international effort to defer deter further violence put in place unprecedented sanctions to hold the gadhafi government accountable when the u.s. says it's going to hold someone responsible expect action once the u.s. has officially declared the syrian government illegitimate. it it would open the door to various steps taken to remove the governor but the south proclaimed position of the u.s. as the world's policeman and judge of which government is legitimate or not doesn't
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sit well with everyone. who is now against. american president. in government are not. saying that even some of the u.s. long time allies like the yemeni president seem to be intimidated by those that's the white house to act as the arbiter of who will to power in the world. are you president of the united states and president of the world when can get a government atrocities in different countries in the middle east the north africa the u.s. claims the higher moral ground declaring human rights is the basis for its involvement but the critics say this is a smokescreen for the real reason for interference in the d.n.a. of the policy or power and amount of how things operate. in the middle east. so are you. you cross.
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america's self-proclaimed humanitarian involvement has led it to take sides in the levy and civil war the u.s. has pledged extensive support for the rebels there senior political figure representing the libyan transitional national council mahmoud jibril as lieve been studied in the u.s. the years is now back in washington asking for money from gadhafi is frozen assets i am currently drafting legislation at the request of the state department and the administration. that will authorize the transfer of available cash assets to the council so that they will have available money it will not come from the american taxpayer it will come from colonel gadhafi himself newly released weiqi leaks cables show the u.s. had been funneling money to syria's opposition for several years now but some say
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the help comes with strings attached and nobody gives away money for nothing or arms and the u.s. sees the opportunity of putting in a friendly early american government response of american interests the coalition efforts in libya have reached a dead end with the country now in military stalemate in the meantime civilian casualties there continue to grow. analysts say foreign involvement in syria could trigger a much worse conflict syria's in the heart of the arab world and if it explodes or implodes it will affect all its neighboring countries iraq saudi arabia jordan israel lebanon. they're in they're all likely to get involved in a collapsing rewards horn serious serious partnership with iran has long been irritating washington yet another reason saison to go after are silent relying on
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iran as your best friend in your only strategic ally is not a viable way forward critics say the us takes on the role of world policeman not painted on its own current alvarez mark rather out of self interest and the bigger question is whether those interests have made the world some for or have to stabilize the more i'm going to strike our reporting from washington r.t. . russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has warned the syrian opposition against calling for external military help he told r.t. that nato is participation in the libyan conflict has set a dangerous precedent. please this is the libya case has created a temptation for money opposition groups in the region to spark similar situations in the expectation that the west would keep world and will intervene in a conflict taking one side it's a very alarming prospect and i hope this won't happen it's crucial but governments should solve their problems independently. in libya rebels have reportedly
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recaptured the city of misrata with help from nato warships and airstrikes so he's been under siege from khadafi forces for nearly three months with hundreds of reported casualties nato bombs have targeted alfie's compound in the capital tripoli allegedly killing several people there south or any coalition attack that killed some of his close family members but nato maintains it's not trying to kill gadhafi something the libyan rebels are calling for a top rebel official is in washington for talks with the administration for more support and possible recognition british anti-war activist kate hudson thinks the coalition's policy is making a mockery of international law. when the u.n. security council votes sake action against libya it was designed as they said to protect civilians and now it seems that with the escalation of the air attacks they are it seeing as it seems more and more civil targets we've heard from a u.n. agency expressing to the security council that civilians are suffering in
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a number of ways shortages of food and so on as a result of the airstrikes this again raises the question of international law it's not legal to have to be within civil wars and i think in voicing. those leaches to washington for troops shows that obama is disregarding that aspect of. trampling upon the very legal structure of our state since built up over decades is a regime change war that's absolutely apparent that of course again is illegal under international law but they will do that until they achieve their ends and frankly it does look as though now that they may intend to talk. stay with us here on r t still ahead this hour thought. spinning a small spinners and evil handlers plus much more discover the world life and russia's bolder grab region here on our t.v. i mean you wait a few minutes. first though unrest in north africa and the middle east is causing
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friction between each new members a recent influx of immigrants into their countries like italy and france has raised concerns there billeted to move around freely within the union has some calling for the reinstatement of internal border controls or he's daniel bushell has more from brussels. the dream of european integration goes off the rails in a bitter feud between two of the e.u.'s founders france blocked all train services from italy after finding carriages full of african migrants italy had handed out president's visas allowing travel in the european union that shattered the trust which the e.u. used visa free regime the lawyers he does shawn kind of literally mistrust between two partners between france and italy france considering that italy has not implemented in a good way the rules. for thousands fleeing the violence in north africa italy is
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the nearest e.u. border security experts who've studied the country's patrol say they're on the strings but fellow member states argue they shouldn't have to pay for italy's mistakes are we responsible of the fact they did tell us just from the sea with people coming from outside and not able to fix the problem we are not criminals or terrorists madmen we don't want them here. protested to the french embassy for courts voile ation of european principles france counts as it's already takes five times more immigrants than italy in peace here and the european parliament say they need to control immigration but with each member state putting its interests first and blaming each other for the problem migrants are just getting calls from one state to another e.u. security chiefs this week held crisis talks i didn't see the systems roit for abuse
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one and the same applicants for asylum can have like seventy seventy five percent chance of being granted asylum in one country of the european union and less than one percent with the same reasons in another country states and are taking the law into their already hands on wednesday bear market reintroduced border controls. people coming from of the e.u. states build your home of the e.u. headquarters is now calling for the same. thing even to each other this is not possible isn't possible for the people in question but it's not possible to do this situation asked sort of more broader things growing numbers in the unions biggest country the chix to germany today proposed possible restrictions in terms of freedom of travel and this is really something that many people are concerned of richard lesions in the e.u. . with the restrictions on work and benefits for citizens from
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a central and east european states which join the union in two thousand and four we lifted on the first of may one day b.p. will still float to the u.k. attracts people from the countries that have just joined the attract people from outside the european union because they know once they get into a european union like country they can cross borders they can work if i want to take advantage of the generous benefits system in my security or some european countries like britain for example and actually attracts more migration which is what we're seeing now from north africa the soiling of the shingling grievance on visa free travel e.u. leaders moyles the fear now is they've opened the pandora's box that they no longer control. altie brussels in japan the fukushima nuclear plant operator admits the damage to his reactor was worse their originally thought equated facility has been leaking radiation into the sea for two months now the japanese
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government has agreed to help the operator tepco compensate the victims of the crisis but professor robert jacobs from the hiroshima peace institute will use the rescue plan shows just how critical the situations become. affairs are much more serious and we were told earlier this plant has been in meltdown for a while we were not told that for a long time probably because tepco did not even realize it for a long time even though the releases of radiation is certainly implied to many people and many people did say that first week that the plants were melting down so it it definitely is a much more serious situation then we have been led to believe. there's very good reason to believe that there is much more serious situation going on in reactor number two and reactor number three and also in the spent fuel pool in reactor number four i have a rule of thumb that i tend to go by which is that anything that is publicly stated is probably around ten to twenty percent of what's true so it will take us it will
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take us probably years to know the extent of the contamination and the extent of the fuel melting. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe eighty feeble have been killed more than one hundred injured in northwest pakistan after two explosions at a paramilitary training center nearly all of the dead were three recruits but there are civilian casualties police say both blast were caused by suicide attacks lack of standing taliban said they carried out the bombing to avenge the death of osama bin laden. thousands of flocked to the streets of the greek capital protesting the actions of police during wednesday's anti-government demonstrations reaction came after a protester was seriously injured by riot police the government's expressed regret at the victim's condition promising a full investigation athens has faced numerous strikes over the government's austerity cuts. a petrol bomb attack at
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a rural bank in northwest china has injured at least thirty nine people a former employee threw a bottle filled with gasoline into a meeting room setting in a blaze the cesspit was fired last month for allegedly embezzling funds witnesses said some people were jumping out of a fourth floor window in an attempt to escape the fire the government has identified the incident as an arson attack. egyptian authorities have extended their detention of former president hosni mubarak for another fifteen fifteen days the eighty three year old is in custody in a military hospital after suffering a heart attack the former leader's accused of ordering the deaths of an entire regime protesters since mubarak was forced from power more than twenty ministers and business men have also been detained in egypt. switching gears now russia's national ice hockey side stunned longtime rival khadijah with a two one victory of the world championship thursday now russia is looking to capitalize on that success with a bid to become the host of the championship in two thousand and sixteen or he's
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a group is going to autism slovakia where the bidding and the action on the ice is happening. this is quite an important day for russian hockey both within the framework of the current world championship here in but i just and also in some ways in terms of the future of the sport in russia first of all on thursday team russia beat one of their most fierce rivals team canada two one moving to the semifinal against finland that match is going to be played a leader on friday should be pretty exciting feelings it's quite a strong team last night even more weight for one and your other match which is going to be played tonight is the one the czech republic and sweden also very strong players so it's on friday that it's going to be decided which two teams are going to take it off in the final championship but another thing which is going to be decided here in but i just love on friday is the country to post the two
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thousand and sixteen ice hockey world championship russia's prime minister vladimir putin is going to watch because he's final presentation of the bid russia's bidding along with denmark and ukraine and is hoping to host this championship in two thousand and sixteen in moscow and st petersburg nothing is certain money comes to sports but it is friday the thirteenth hopefully this will bring some log to a rush of the team and russia the country. time now for some traveling but don't bother packing your bags just when are closer team as they take a look at the vast and varied regions of russia. it's time to explore russia's wall grad a region located in the southeast part of a country famed after the mighty waldo river the largest in europe running through the entire area its thousand year history of the region as witnessed most of the
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supposed soaring wealth and devastating war artie's town garden takes a lot here or a way of life in the area and discovered why it's close to the hearts of so many russians that. it's time for these kids to give something back to their own or their wool. but that's where we do a little bit at a time it's there's a going over after a while look you can even use your hands. again it is eighty seven years old he's worked in agriculture since she was thirteen she keeps goats and chickens sells wooden clothes or bags and does all the work herself i did not like i can stay still i'm used to working i'm an old woman i don't have much left or anywhere to go . home again lives in farms in the town of lupin's in russia it's called a bad region it's typical of russia's rural settlements going from a small collection of the ledges with many people still herding cattle fishing and
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keeping small holdings throughout history russia's countryside has quietly got along its natural cycles with major historical events often passing by as a result ruled russians are often the source of human like in this country science food cooking the television series sex and city. the behind the troops rule russia suffers from a much more serious problem nina works for an evolving outside tiny village she says it's not easy work. they become very protective when they laid eggs a male to tack. and can attack you with his legs the needle cloisonne there are dangerous. this is one of many of the cult results stats but the children are unlikely to follow. the reason university my son is in a tenth grade and we don't know what he will do i like them to stay but there is no future here. russian agriculture is
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a huge depression the ninety nineties livestock numbers fell by half the area grain planting a quarter even now young people all over russia deserted countryside and says he's just in this for that they need to encourage and stimulate young people to work in the countryside they need to pierce more and give us housing. but far from jumping ship and mr c. is one of russian agricultural right hopes she chose to work here one of them being by photograph and she's not new in this or half of the experts working here younger than thirty it's promising young people come here to work the work is very interesting and you can grow as a professional in many different fields. to thing the fields this isn't a traditional picture of russian for me these three huge and my take trips is a planting some of the farms lost thirty thousand hectares of wheat the workers on the mall the man they say they wouldn't trust younger staff with such expensive
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equipment but soon enough they don't need them. falling out here has wide horizons it has a lot of land potentially producing a lot of food what it needs now is the incentives and enthusiasm to make young farmers want what's out here tom watson artsy volgograd region. more news and features you can always check out our website r t dot com here's what's on the line for you right now. doomsday an alien space ship this crisis a comet fast approaching the earth look out it's a rumor that's quickly spread across naturally the internet. and the food police schools in the u.s. state of texas going through kids' lunch leftovers reporting what they did to cut calories all online or.
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you'll use up next with the business news stay with us here on our. hello that's right time to get the latest from the world of business and another hurdle looms russia's eighteen year long marathon for the world trade organization the e.u. has slammed text concessions offered to foreign carmakers to set up assembly plants inside the country the government wants to extend the program started in two thousand and three on to twenty twenty which. is against w t o rules program has had some notable successes with the number of wells because comics are setting up a gracious yeah but entry is a matter of negotiation on the kremlin may be prepared to offer the e.u. concessions on imports of agricultural products. but he has been hit by another lawsuit all over it stalled to deal with forcing it while the minority
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shareholders the british all giants in russia's regional court plaintiffs is seeking a point three million dollars refund for the company saying the actions will be. russian joint venture and also at the stockholm observation site the show us what between the british company and girl sniffed is acceptable only if they let me join the arctic exploration meanwhile the deadline for finalizing the deal ends on monday with no decision reached yet. and a quick check on the markets crude prices have recovered from yesterday's have a sell off lights we've is still under one hundred dollars a barrel mark while granted separating after one hundred thirteen. precious metal prices are also on the rise gold is about two hundred dollars per ounce of a percent. more than thirty five dollars a pop up this hour. right.
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index finger slow on friday led by the selling of tech shares at home kong was slightly higher and. reactor high in was that requirements by the people of china. markets in europe have risen on better than expected economic data and strong earnings results just encourages the strongest before all the jacksons to make as high a profit reports in the u.k. mining shares a mostly higher as what is your price is recovered fully must sell off in the european session on thursday. and finally here on the my side some higher tracking u.s. stocks the russian emphasis heavily and the radical right down by lower commodity a modest prices stand on price investors not making as we can see any big moves ahead of the weekend and awaits us inflation data due out later in the day let's have a look at the individual share moves now energy mostly driving after days have its
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sell off gas from slipped into rattled because some of its customers might follow the example from the twenty which has announced plans to buy gas from the u.s. as prices that question for some low of banking on the rise to be one of the health percent off. burbank is gaining on music made by. retail business in russia. well oil majors have been the fast to get hit by the latest sell off in the russian markets whether michael's time for much preaching the prospect of change in the news flow makes the buying opportunity. we believe that russian worlds in specific rise now are well positioned to benefit from a number of things happening in the marketplace both these names have underperformed the russian market close and stand for the past couple of weeks in addition bill from down more than ten percent over the past month and both companies are well positioned to benefit from pending changes in the government or
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else like the tax regime the government last week indicated that by the end of june we would see a concrete proposal on oil sector taxes there are various alternatives being laid out right now all of them are quite positive for. michael stein from is created and russian helicopters will spend one hundred and twenty four million dollars on developing a new high speed helicopter in the next three years the state run company said it would also invest another four hundred forty five billion into the completion of two other models create and skate six to the head of the russian helicopters parent company also mentions and could most likely hold its i.p.o. next year he stressed how well they were plenty of other ways of attracting pounds . which we have many sources for financing and we have a sizeable credit card folio which has an average interest rate of seven percent
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this takes into account subsidized interest rates and an array of support mechanisms which the government allocates to us. also know just when all you can get more store a small website or two dot com and join me in less than an hour's time for business charice.
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a cluster mission. and inside the container you have a small ball and you can have anywhere from dozens up to hundreds of there's a huge market right now for battle area clearance because there are a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordnance. but you've got these companies and n.g.o.s that have basically shrunk up that have an expertise to get rid of these weapons what they do is be code in these places they will hire local train the locals how to do the clearance they'll let the locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their holes and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas of. a bit better. than in
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a. minute. and a lot. download the official allocation to on the phone the i pod touch from the i choose i'm still . on the go. video on demand on season one comes an r.s.s. feeds are now in the palm of your. question on the. wealthy british.

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